Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Sorry about a long pause. Somehow the Christmas madness started a little bit early for me and I found myself stealing minutes from things like brushing my hair just to catch up on sleep.
But post boxing day, 6 days until a work day, baby napping, i am suddenly time rich again.
The currency of time has changed a lot for me this year.
It costs a roll of toilet tissue unravelled onto the bedroom floor, to print out a 5 page document. Jewelry tipped down the toilet is the price for a shower. Nailpolish too if i want to wash my hair. It costs a squeezy pack of yoghurt and a pack of sultanas for a ten minute post  office line and a pulled neck muscle from carrying a sleepy toddler for a coffee in a cafe.
This is the new time management.
On that note, must dash to return phone calls while she's asleep. Doing them when she's awake usually costs me a few apps deleated from my phone as she mimics me afterwards with her chubby hands bashing the screen.

Ahhh, the joys.


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