Saturday, July 21, 2012


I've had a few friends email me about that last blog post and it's reminded me again how powerful words are. It's what makes us human. Not just the ability to communicate but the capacity to feel complex emotions and name them with sounds that other people recognise. That empathy, that resonance...that's what makes us human. So this week I got exciting news that a piece I wrote about living in the village is going to be published in an online magazine. I have not had anything published since my angstey poetry appeared in In Press Magazine approximately half my lifetime ago. This is different for me, than say blogging shamelessly about my failed marriage, because this time it will be published under my actual name. This means when I google myself, it will have something more interesting than stuff about my old job and the youtube videos my brother in law posted from my wedding. Wow. My ego desperately wants to link the piece back to this very blog but my common sense and fear of everyone in the whole wide world knowing that this blog belongs to me, overshadows that. i'd have to do an enormous edit and pretend like I am not some crazy lady who uses her running blog to vent about everything except running. By the way, I am so unfit right now, it is not even funny. I've been thinking about entering some short story competitions too. What I write is not really for magazines or newspapers. It's a strange little niche actually...observational, bit offbeat, emotionally reflective. Non fiction. Hmmm. I do like being read though. I like how that connects us and the feeling that people can relate to my own experiences. It's nice.

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  1. And i thought with this title you were turning Christian? I lobed the cranes post and i think it needs to be published further than your blog and much more professional than the likes of FB too.